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Mexicano boy with the chile-pepper chin
With a voice muy orgullosa and a tongue of mucho sin
Le digo que se venga, 'cause I haven't even been
close enough to see this chico with the chile-pepper chin

Oye papi, deja que te tome for a spin
and I promise that jamás you will be the same again

Él no me dice nada, sino flashes me a grin
Así gané el chico con el chile-pepper chin

Rico rico, mi flaquito,
el fuego deep within...
Muy picoso éste con el chile-pepper chin

Erudito, amorcito
the heat from just your skin...
Aquí espero al chico con el chile-pepper chin

God bless us, everyone!

Dear Santa,

I know I'm kind of old to be writing you a Christmas letter, but I miss the days when I did. How have you been? Excellent, I hope.

I haven't been too bad this year, if I do say so myself. No having wild sex with random men (and/or women), no drugs, no skipping school, etc. I've been cranky and selfish at points during the year, but hey, who hasn't?

I don't want much from you, old friend. Maybe a movie or two. I don't care what movies, just as long as they make me laugh.

A SuperNintendo would be nice, too. I really would like one of those; they were pretty neat. Do you even still make those?

I want Shyanne to have a good first Christmas. I'm excited for her to open all her presents, then just gleefully swim through the giant sea of wrapping paper that will have formed on our living room floor. She's so cute when she's happy.

Also, I want Chris to do alright without seeing Kathryn and Shyanne this year. He's feeling pretty sad about spending what would be his first Christmas with them in Iraq. But we are video taping every moment for him. He should like that. Make sure Chris gets through Christmas with out his dear ones by his side.

My family has been amazing. Sure, I may not have thought it sometimes, but in general, they really have been good to me. Better than I deserve. Make their day tomorrow super spectacular.

Thank you so much, and Merry Christmas.

Sincerly yours,
Jessica L. Cross

P.S.- make sure that Megan, Nicki, Trevor, Caitlin, Kayla, Jeanie, Christi, Trevor, Kallie, Sarah, and anyone else who helped make my Christmas special has an extra special surprise waiting for them under the tree. Perhaps a miracle they've always dreamed of? I'll even settle for their favorite candy, just as long it brings warmth to their heart, and a smile to their face. =)

P.S.S.- Sorry about there being no cookies. We don't have any more. Does left-over Chinese sound good?

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